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I’m a Los Angeles based fine art painter and photographer. On medium, I write about art, culture, and life in general. You can learn more at

A simplified view into the complex art world

Photo by Igor Miske from Unsplash

How Art Is Created

An oversimplified explanation would be, it is created with the seven elements of art: line, shape, form, space, texture, value, and color. They serve as the building blocks of visual arts, from a pencil sketch to a 200-year-old painting at the Louvre.

Some say art is a product of its time. It is created with a heavy influence of the current art movements and styles: the Renaissance, the Baroque, the different -isms, etc. However, this leaves a broad stroke on Contemporary art, or artworks created after the second half of the 20th century.

Inarguably, art is a product of many…

Unleashing the true potential of your images

What does authenticity mean in photography? To me, it means capturing and producing photos in a truthful and believable manner within the context. It may involve choosing the appropriate perspective, capturing genuine moments, or creating convincing visual effects. But it can go beyond that based on the situation. What I don’t think it means is a specific genre or style of photography, such as photojournalism. And authentic photos certainly don’t have to be confined by reality.

Grappling with reality and fiction

As a matter of fact, the pursuit for reality in photography is a lost cause, because it’s filled with…

An unexpected journey to fulfillment in life

Painting by Sean Yang

My encounter with art was completely accidental. I was born in a traditional Chinese family with modest beginnings. None of my family members had an artistic profession, nor did they believe it’s a practical career. I never received any systematic education in art, besides a few elective classes in college. To me, art was only a concept and out of my reach. However, over the past few years, I have slowly embraced a new identity as a fine artist. And little by little, it has fundamentally changed me as a person and my view of life.

The missing link


An alternative approach to color in photography

Like most photographers, every time I pick up the camera, I hope to capture something interesting. Though the storytelling might be different for each photographer, there is usually a common goal, which is creating something pleasing for the eye. As we know, the human eye is a sophisticated device that could distinguish millions of colors. So one might ask, why not give it all the color in the world?

How color works in visual arts

It turns out there’s a bit more than meets the eye. The word “color” is a general term to describe a visual sensation, which is…

What 2020 has taught me that could be useful for 2021

Photography by Sean Yang

Like many people, I spent the majority of 2020 in my apartment. I was fortunate enough to keep both my health and job, but my world undeniably became smaller than ever before. With a long distance from my family, an already small friend circle, and most communities transitioning online, I found myself taking long walks in the neighborhood every night.

The more I know isn’t always the better

Normally, I don’t have a lot of fear of missing out on any trends. But when the pandemic hit, I became obsessed with the latest case updates. As I kept feeding on…

Sean Yang

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